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Shade and $ave




  • Lower power bills
  • Lower air pollution
  • Reduce storm water runoff and erosion 
  • Increase the aesthetic value of your home
  • Add economic value to your neigborhood
  • Aid in climate change adaption
  • Improve water quality

Program Components



  • Put nature on your side – use the gift of shade
  • Take advantage of the multiple benefits of trees
  • Begin conserving energy – ecologically
  • Be a part of the solution – create a legacy
  • Engage in a demonstration tree siting and planting

 Siting and Selection 

  • Hold an on-site consultation between the siting technician and resident
  • Discuss multiple criteria for siting trees for shade purposes
  • Select the appropriate species, shape and size of tree for the criteria
  • Mark sites for planting the trees

Tree Planting

  • Residents plant their trees with the guidance of tree professionals
  • Neighbors help their neighbors plant their trees
  • Residents are provided with a watering can and instructions for caring for their tree

Further Information Available


Shade and $ave is an ecological program for neighborhoods to save $$ on their energy bills by planting shade trees in places which provide the most benefit to the home owners. For further information contact Elaine Stover, Principal, greenschemes.

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