Turning green dreams into green schemes

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Welcome to greenschemes™

greenschemes fosters the emergence of a sustainable society in which communities, organizations and individuals craft a mutually enhancing relationship with the natural world. 


Everyone schemes. It's a natural human activity. So how can we scheme together as we design a sustainable future?

greenschemes™ facilitates participatory workshops with cities, counties, state agencies, companies, neighborhoods and organizations who want to work with professionals to plan and design their communities in an ecological manner for long-term sustainability.

greenschemes™ Shade & $ave program is attracting neighborhood attention.


Facilitation Training

We offer training in group facilitation methods for authentic group participation - the Technology of Participation (ToP)®. ToP methods are internationally tested, consensus-building, action-oriented methods which enable a group to produce plans and designs which can be effectively and efficiently implemented.



We offer seminars and educational presentations that focus on building a contemporary and expansive worldview out of which to make inclusive, sustainable and responsible decisions for the 21st Century.


greenschemes™ operates out of a set of five Foundational Principles