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To focus on the integration of ecological intelligence, design aptitude and human participation in order to restore ecological balance and human connection with places in our landscapes and communities.


greenschemes™  facilitates  teams of allied professionals who have expertise and experience in the above three arenas in order to develop projects that connect humans to the natural world. We all individually scheme; let's scheme together for a sustainable future.

 Foundational Principles

  • Start with a multi-disciplinary approach
  • Integrate local knowledge through the participation of stakeholders
  • Weave together human and ecological concepts and images
  • Work with what you have - taking all resources and creating a practical and beautiful solution

 Professional Services

  • We catalyze integrated, whole systems thinking
  • We enlighten stakeholders with ecological ideas and connections
  • We facilitate multi-disciplinary teamwork amongst consultants and clients who desire to scheme together
  • We facilitate the integrattion of human and ecological values and patterns
  • We develop comprehensive, inspiring, attainable plans or designs that meet stakeholders’ needs

 Realized Benefits

  • Stakeholder interest and investment in human ecological planning and practices  is greatly increased
  • Less time and money outlay by the stakeholders than in conventional planning
  • Long-term sustainable outcomes that are both practical and beautiful
  • A “common mind” is created amongst  the participants which sustains the vision and supports the implementation and maintenance

The History of greenschemes

Since 2006 greenschemes™ have served clients in North Carolina and beyond. These clients were from a variety of sectors – non-profits, churches, individuals,  architects, state agencies, universities, cities, counties and the EPA. Customized project teams were assembled from ToP trained planning and design professionals. Two interns and one translator also worked to support the projects. All personnel were hired on a contractual basis.