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Participatory Planning and Design Module

A five-session facilitated intensive neighborhood planning and design program. It provides opportunities for neighborhood residents to:                                                    

  • Take a neighborhood inventory
  • Decide what kind of a neighborhood they really want for the future
  • Work with planning and design professionals to describe and illustrate their vision
  • Consult with service providers to discuss how their vision can really be manifested
  • Build a launch plan for implementation


Recent Participatory Planning and Design Projects

     1. Charlotte Hawkins Brown State Historic Site
Adaptive Reuse of Historical Campus, Sedalia, NC

    2. 2003-2004 The Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro sponsored three         PDM's - Kings Forest Neighborhood, Eastside Park Neighborhood, and Ardmore Park Neighborhood

    3. 2009 Habitat for Humanity of Greater Greensboro sponsored a PDM in the Poplar      Ridge Neighborhood

    4. Greensboro Public Library - McGirt Horton New Branch                                              Exterior Space Planning and Design,  Design Development [PDF]

   5. Brick Capital Community Development Corporation                                                         Wicker Park and Walking Trail Planning and Design, Sanford, NC