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The Great Work -- Study Guide

The Great Work Study guide is designed for group study in six 1-hour sessions.  A comprehensive leader's guide provides discussion questions for each session.

Readings for each session have been extracted from THE GREAT WORK by Thomas Berry.  Each set of readings is designed to be printed, front and back, on an 11x17 page.

These readings and the study material is provided free of charge by the Educational Division of greenschemes.  In order to respect the author's copyrights, greenschemes asks that anyone using this material notify greenschemes of when the materials are being used an how many copies are made.  Your cooperation is appreciated.

Contact F. Nelson Stover to confirm your agreement to these terms.



Download the Leaders' Guide.

Leader's Guide

The Leader's Guide provides session by session procedures.  The guide utilizes the Technology of Participation (ToP) developed by the Institute of Cultural Affairs.

Download the readings
for Session 1.

Session 1 Readings -- Our Contemporary Task

Provides an introduction to the changing opportunities of the 21st Century.

Download the
readings for Session 2.

Session 2 Readings -- The Historical Task

Sets the context for living in an emerging Universe.

Download the
readings for Session 3.

Session 3 Readings -- A New Way of Knowing

Outlines ways for rethinking the context for future actions.

Download the
readings for Session 4.

Session 4 Readings -- How to Decide

Exploring ways for building a sustainable future.

Download the
readings for Session 5.

Session 5 Readings -- End of an Era

Provokes discussion about ways for getting beyond The Petroleum Interval.

Download the
readings for Session 6.

Session 6 Readings -- The Species Level Change

Sets the stage for embodying the changes that will lay the foundation for future generations.

Download the course prospectus.

Course Prospectus

For people interested in inviting others to participate in The Great Work study, this prospectus outlines the themes of each session.