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Foundational Principles


Five principles guide greenschemes programs and projects:


  • greenschemes’ facilitated processes build a common mind among multiple stakeholders.  greenschemes™ facilitators use Technologies of Participation® (ToP®) methods developed by the Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA).  ToP® methods integrate widely divergent cultural, political and economic perspectives to create action plans that are practical, measurable and achievable.


  • greenschemes’ programs support policy changes within organizations and communities.  Thus, individuals and advocacy groups are empowered to work toward a sustainable society.


  • greenschemes’ methods enhance individual creativity through depth communication which leads to consensus.  All greenschemes™ programs, projects and presentations utilize participatory processes that integrate individuals’ perspectives.


  • greenschemes’ approach focuses on the key underlying issues in each situation.  Special attention is given to fostering action in those places that require deeper integration of the human and natural worlds.


  • greenschemes’ teams provide customized services to all sectors – private, public, and non-profit.  greenschemes™ designates teams of allied professionals to prepare customized programs for educational institutions, religious organizations, businesses and civic organizations interested in adopting more sustainable practices.